About Frostshinigami: leaving for awhile (I know I've already hardly been on as of late) not sure when I'll be back as I have many more important issues in life to worry about right now... name: Raziel race: angel order: Dominion age: about 1,300 years appearance: like in my profile pic orientation: bisexual powers: a wide variety of ice-based powers, along with some minor skill in other kinds of elemental magic//Can swiftly teleport while in the mortal world//Can summon objects from the netherworld into the mortal world Weapons: Scythe of Judgement; (though I rarely use it unless the situation really requires it) I am one of the higher ranking shinigami serving directy under Azrael, the high angel of death. I reside in Cocytus, the frozen 9th circle of Hell, charged with overseeing the damned. After working this position solely for over a millenium, I have grown rather bored, and have turned to the world of the living to keep me occupied. I am available to be summoned by anyone who wishes to take me as a master, and who can prove to be a pleasing slave. my dungeon: (some tags so you can find me: /master/dom/slave/bondage/bdsm)